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Hussain Ginneries Limited

Hussian Ginneries Limited

Registered number: 21799

National Tax Number: 04-33-0133359

Company Profile

The Company is operating as Public Limited since May 24, 1990. We are ginners selling fine cotton to textile units of Pakistan. We buy cotton from Bupari the agents and after the processing sell them in shape of bales to spinning mills the purpose is to serve the textile industry and generate revenues. Our ginning plant is in District Muzaffargarh. We usually buy cotton from Muzaffargarh / Multan & surroundings. We only process specific type of cotton. The business is seasonal based.

Our factory has capacity of 6 sawgins machines along with automatic presses. This Ginning factory produce appox. 2500 MT good quality cotton bales from October to march every year under the supervision of technical staff.

Head Office:

129/1 Old Bahawalpur Road, Multan-Pakistan.
Ph: (92) 61-4579001-7
Fax: (92) 61-4541832, 4583425


Shah Jamal Jatoi Road, Muzaffargarh-Pakistan
Ph: (92) 661-422399

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